Life is a Journey

My son, Alex, is 3 1/2 years old. He was diagnosed with Mowat-Wilson Syndrome at 5 days old. My son, Aaron, is highly active, extremely creatively bright. My daughter, Sydney, is verbal, talented, and snarkily beautiful. I have so many thoughts about life.... they don't hear me now.... maybe they will someday. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Year 2013

Wow, I can't believe that time has flown so quickly.
Currently watching the KU vs KSU basketball game and I am on pins and needles.  There is 3:46 left in a 6 point game.  AGGGG

So, my purpose in starting this blog was to help parents with kids who have special needs be able to navigate this new world with more ease than I have.

At one point in what seems ages ago, I was looking into getting Alex a walker, a stroller, and a safe bed.  Well, I will consider us lucky in that we were able to get the walker and the stroller.  Both have been a HUGE blessing to Alex and myself.  He is currently rocking the walker at school.  I feel so proud!

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